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It's certainly been a while since I've updated this! Life has been pretty busy. I've gotten married since the last update, moved out of home, painted the walls of this new home, and celebrated our first anniversary. The doctorate is also limping along and I'm in my final year. This all leaves me with not much time to draw, although I have been doing some stuff that I've yet to scan.

I've decided to try and draw more often, even if its just telling mundane bits of my life in the form of a comic strip. (Or in the manner of hourlies.) Here is one bane of my life: headaches. Large image under the cut!

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I've been out and about lately, which means (well, usually means) more graffiti photos. There's some 20+ new ones that I've added, and they can be found here. My favourite out of the recent lot:


Aside from that, I finally got off my butt and drew some stuff! They're just random bits from the last month or so.

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A lot of 2005 stuff's in sketchbooks. I think this is about all I have soft copies of, at the moment!

Surprisingly, I found a drawing of Rikku (FFX) which I drew for someone known as Bai at the Final Fantasy Online forums. It was for an avatar exchange, which turned into more of an art exchange (she drew me an utterly beautiful version of Delirium). Anyway, she was a fan of Rikku so I pounced on it. ^^

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Sure, it's 2am and I'm not altogether here, but since I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing, I may as well do something vaguely productive. I realised a lot of these works are still in my sketchbook, unscanned. So for now, a few that some people may already have seen.

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