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My sister expressed some interest in seeing Princess Tutu and I was really happy about that! We watched the whole series during the past few days. I wrote some squee about the series after I first watched it. There's so much to love about this multifaceted series and characters (and to this end there are some shining examples of Tutu-fic floating around on the internets)— and that is exactly what intimidates me about writing for it. Things have been done, you know? An idea arrives, I open a blank Word document, then realise I don't know how to put words to it and besides, it's been done more beautifully before. "Do you want to save the changes to 'Document 1'?" N!

This time an okay starting sentence drifted to mind. I only ever seem to write short bursts of things so I thought it might be interesting to distill the scenes further to 100-word drabbles. Here's three; I wrote two more Rue-centric drabbles but I want to let them sit.

If... )

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Our gazes slink through the glass,
darting around each other’s pasts
sidestepping what could have been in another turn of the wheel
sliding over what we might have become.

I fix my eyes on my companion, resolute
until your sidelong stare disappears behind glass.
I have two minds: one for beyond-the-glass
and one for conversation-in-here.
A hand to shield the straying eye is helpful, but not enough.

If the wheel had turned another way, my gaze wouldn’t slip
and my words wouldn’t run and falter.
We’d just be two strangers in a café,
our errant gazes loud, sauntering, signifying nothing.

Drabblepoem- 100 words. I'm quite terrible at poems; they refuse to cooperate with me. And re-reading this, it seems like my unconscious aim was to avoid adverbs. XD


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