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This is a birthday present for [ profile] mithrigil (it's currently 23 minutes past her birthday here, but I'm sure it's still her birthday over there!), who wondered if Sandman could ever be integrated into something I did.

She Dreams, for Erica.
Ink pen and watercolour, A3
Oct 30, 2007.

Okay, so, this all basically reinforced what I've been telling myself for ages: get off your butt and do some more life drawing! It took way too many tries to draw the hands (the right hand of the main figure- Erica- isn't quite right) and feet/body positions were nightmares. I had to sit down and try these poses out for myself in front of a mirror. ;_; Further, I was drawing Erica from memory, having no good reference photos to go by. I played around with Photoshop brushes a bit and since I'm hopeless at it, I hope the end result isn't tacky. I'm happiest with Death and Dream-- well, it's not hard to be happy with the back of his spiky-haired head-- and least with Destruction. It's not his usual manner to look so down, but I wanted him thinking or dozing, as if in front of a fire. ^^

It would also help to plan out the composition a bit more before thinking, "right! Time to ink it!" and then belatedly think, "crap, it would've worked better such-and-such a way". There's also not enough midtones or definition in places; I was going for a graphic novel style but Max Douglas I am not. ^^ Well, I hope Erica likes it!


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